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The Nillkin Leather Flip case comes with the package of both front and back screen protectors. It is a decent leather flip case for Nexus 4 that covers along both sides of Nexus 4 and for both front and back of the phone itself. While leaving the top and bottom of phone exposed for easy access on the 3.5mm headphone jack and micro USB charging port.

The overall build of the case is kind of moderate. The flip covers the entire screen when closed together. There is a small cutting for the earpiece for easy access while having the flip closed during in-call. The cuttings on the camera, volume rocker, power button and loudspeaker section is perfectly fit in place. Somehow, I found hard to access both volume and power button as the case covers it almost 0.4mm. Had to use fingernails to reach those buttons and it does really bothers sometimes when your fingers are unable to press those buttons. Moreover, it provides extra grip as the surface of the case is soft and slightly tacky feel.

While compared to Ringke slim case, the Nillkin Leather Flip Case is easily gets dirty and the stains is hard to be removed Besides, it is noticeable bulkier than the Ringke Slim case. Overall the case gives a decent protection against foreign object to scratch Nexus 4 as most of the part was covered except the top and bottom.

The Rearth Ringke Slim for Nexus 4 is a slim casing for 4th generation of Google Nexus phone, Nexus 4. The case itself is made from Korea and designed in USA. The quality of the casing is very superb and stunning. The surface of the casing has soft touch plastic feel and it does provides extra gripping on the Nexus 4 when attached. Even with the case attached, it doesn't feel any bulky on the Nexus 4.

The case itself is measured approximate 1mm thickness and it is a minimalist casing that provides minimal protection. It doesn't protect against hard drop but it does protect against scratches on the back of Nexus 4.
The case covers most of the both side but leaving top and bottom expose for easy access on the micro USB and 3.5mm audio jack port. It is not a recommended case for fully protection for Nexus 4.

The cut out for the camera, loud speaker, power button and volume rocker is perfect and nicely. As the previous batch of Ringke Slim for Nexus 4 produces slightly creaking sound when pressed against both side. But for the revised version which in this review has been revised and solved the minor issue.

Overall it is a nice slim case that provides minimal protection for Nexus 4. Would prefer Rearth has full cover  case on the edges for Nexus 4, nevertheless it gives minimal protection against the back glass of Nexus 4. It feels solid and doesn't feel cheap as the quality of the material is fine. Recommended for ones who seek for minimal protection and yet not add in bulkiness to the Nexus 4.

Navy (blue) and SF White
SF Matte Navy (blue) and LF White
SF Matte Navy (blue) and LF White

Without the case measured at 69 mm width

With the case measured at 70 mm width

Need a Rearth case? get it at

The recent Samsung Unpacked event held on London earlier this month saw the announcement of Samsung latest flagship Android phone, Galaxy S3.
Catching up the pace for southeast asia of Galaxy S3 release, Malaysia Samsung Galaxy SIII Exclusive Media Launch was held One World Hotel on 24th May 2012. The media launch gives audience a glimpse and hands on the new Samsung flagship Android phone, Galaxy S3.

Basic Specification
4.80" screen
8 megapixel back camera, 2 megapixel front camera
Super AMOLED HD display
1GB of internal memory
Expendable micro-SD card slot up to 64GB
Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Battery (2100 mAh)
Quad core processor (1.4Ghz, Exynos 4412 processor)
GPU (Mali-400MP)

First Impression
- Very light, is like holding a feathered phone on the palm.
- Overall built was fine but has plastic feel
- Samsung did put some innovative functions on Galaxy S3
- S-Voice, a voice command like Siri for IOS.
- Eye tracking that keeps the screen illuminated when user actually looking on the phone. Switches off when user are not looking at the phone. Good for reading e-books and such
- S-Beam feature, enables seamless connection for files transferring by using NFC technology.

Managing Director

Greatness is the aspect of SIII

Someone already got their hands on SIII

Designed for Humans

Crowd on testing SIII

Runs on 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich
Nyandroid in action

Galaxy Nexus got a new brother

Back comparison between Nexus and SIII


Q&A session

Samsung Galaxy SIII anyone?

HTC have announced their latest Android flagship smartphone device, HTC One series at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona last month. The much anticipated HTC One X and HTC One V has been showcased at the HTC One launch event at Pavilion, KL today.

The HTC One event was held at Pavilion, KL from 2nd April till 8th April 2012. Throughout the event, HTC one X have stole the limelight of the event. HTC One V doesn't seem to get much attention but it is a pretty entry level smartphone.

HTC have did well this time in bumping up HTC One X hardware specs compared to their previous model such as EVO 3D and Sensation series.

The body of HTC One X is made from Polycarbonate material. It doesn't felt plastic at all. In fact, I like the material that HTC used to build One X. Felt solid and rigid, that's the core of polycarbonate material.

Sound quality is superb, it is because powered by Beats Audio technology. But I found the loud speaker volume is a bit softer, it could be better and louder.

The internal memory is 32GB. Even there is no external slot for extra memory, Dropbox with HTC Sense 4.0 integration which would grant free 25Gb of cloud storage for 2 years period. Which makes this phone a truly portable multimedia device.

Compared to the third Google Nexus series, Galaxy Nexus. Both of them have pretty much similarity except for the camera, processor and storage. However, I would prefer the hardware of HTC One X but if it could maintain the vanilla flavor of Ice Cream Sandwich like Galaxy Nexus, that would be best of both world.

Short impression on the HTC One X
- Quadcore processor
- 720p HD display (4.7" diagonal)
- Supremely sharp display (Super LCD 2)
- Polished HTC Sense 4.0 on top of Ice Cream Sandwich
- Huge aperture f2.0
- Solid and rigid built
- Fast burst shot 4 frames per seconds (fps)
- Built in NFC chip

Comparison size between Galaxy Nexus and HTC One X

Crispy and sharp 720p display

3D looking recent apps navigation

Quadcore FTW!!!

Running on Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

NFC capability

HTC Sense 4.0 widget navigation

Free goodies: Stick-it Notes from HTC

Andrew Bell, the artist that bring us the Android Mini Collectible Series is back with another Special Edition Don Pablo "Calaveroid" Android. This time, Andrew Bell collaborate with Mexican artist, The Beast Brothers to design Don Pablo "Calaveroid" Android. This special edition Android mini collectible commemorates the traditional Mexican Dia de Los Muertos holiday. (

This special edition Android is available for orders on 11/11/2011 at
This figure has a distinguish design from previous Special Edition series Android that I has. It really stand out from the rest, The Beast Brothers artwork is simply impressive, I must say.
Hope to see more collaboration with artist from different countries around the world. Moreover, we have lots of different celebrations in this planet and would have more special Androids to be released? Who knows.

One thing I noticed when I turning around the figure, I found that the embossed Android wording on the back is much thicker than the standard edition green Android. Might be the paint or material that used is different from the previous releases.

Please note that, by removing the sombrero(hat) may cause antennae to bend or break, use care if you try to remove it.

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